Support The Struggle, Join The Fight

We rely on mutual aid and support to continue. All camps have different needs whether it be climbing equipment, building material, food, tobacco etc. Wishlists for camps are available on their individual social media pages. Below is a list of all the occupations currently in active resistance and a contact to get in touch with if you would like to support. You can also email us at or message us on instagram @thisisnotaboutarailway and we will put you in touch with the right folk.


Euston Gardens Protection Camp (evicted january 2021)
In front of Euston Station,
Euston Road,
Harvil Road Protection Camp (evicted 13/2/21)
Harvil Road Protection Camp,
opposite the Harefield Dogs Trust,
West London,
Denham Ford Protection Camp
Denham Country Park, Denham, Uxbridge, UB9 5PG
Contact: 074559737446
Wendover Active Resistance camp
Wendover, Buckinghamshire
HP22 6PN
Contact: 07517625579
Jones Hill Woods / Roald Dahl Woods
Jones Hill Wood, Bowood Lane, Buckinghamshire. HP22 6PT
Poors Piece
New Poors Piece Conservation Project,  Steeple Claydon,
MK18 2HH
Contact: 07858317907
Calvert Jubilee Protection Camp (evicted September 2020)
Calvert Jubilee Nature Reserve, Calvert,
MK18 2HE
Save Crackley Wood Camp (this camp is currently being dismantled)
Crackley Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire,
Contact: 07858317907

Welsh Road Protection Camp,
Welsh Road,
CV33 9AU