Leeds And Bradford City Airport

Leeds City Council have given the green light for the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport. It’s been said plenty that we are in a climate emergency, and in the middle of a pandemic and there’s no need for this pointless expansion. Those with power haven’t listened to those without.

We are trapped in a undemocratic, capitalist system that is failing us, and it’s doing so on purpose. We cannot make decisions for ourselves and our communities. We are unable to protect ourselves and our futures, and there is only so much more the planet and the humans on it can take.

We have seen how HS2 has been pushed and pushed by the government, despite the waves of criticism and bad press it has faced in recent years. We are seeing new roads, new runways at Heathrow and new coal mines springing up left right and center. There are mega-prisons and office blocks being built to keep us caged, there is all the un-affordable housing you could dream of, both in rural areas, and where the last remaining scraps of greenery in London were.

The state is so desperate to keep the construction industry churning out concrete, and chopping down trees. Not even a global pandemic has stopped it. If anything works on projects like HS2 been accelerated while protestors have been trapped at home.

People who work in construction are at such a high risk of contracting covid. It’s the only industry that has been kept open during the pandemic. (That, and the security industry which it props up.) Working people being put at risk of a deadly virus…for profit. Their labour is so valuable is worth killing them for. This is nothing new.

The construction industry is profitable and people with lots of money invest in it, therefore we need to shut it down, or make it too much of a ball-ache to engage with. This is just one way that we fight for change.

In the meantime we need to learn how to build the world we want to live in ourselves, and we need to go out and build it.

I’m looking out into a HS2 work site, I lose count of how many people are here, being kept busy. Being kept from doing things humans are supposed to do. There is irreparable damage, there is a specific lack of dignity that these men are showing to our Mother Nature that is more painful than ever to see right before International Womens Day.

This destruction is purely to fulfil contracts to fill pockets. To keep the cogs of The Machine turning. The man with the chainsaw told me so himself.

We don’t need this shit.
We won’t take this shit.

These camps are places where communities make decisions for themselves. Autonomously. Without The state’s input. I often wonder how things would look if we had this autonomy on a worldwide scale. I bet we would be happier.

I believe we are capable of taking control of the spaces that our communities currently occupy: our workplaces, universities, the various organisations we are a part of. There are closed down libraries and hospitals and schools. There are thousands of empty houses. We don’t need to build more! The lawns we are told to keep off of would make great allotments! We don’t need to fell trees for agricultural land!

We are resourceful.
We are full of bright ideas.
There is not a single person who would say that we need to expand the airport, if they were the one pouring the concrete.

We don’t need cranes to drop concrete blocks on woodlands. If we want to build something it’ll be from the bottom up, and with love..

So from the front lines of the HS2 campaign, we are in solidarity with GALBA, with all those protesting the expansion of Leeds Bradford airport. We are in solidarity with those resisting mega projects world wide.

With love and rage,

Author: TINAAR

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