We Are Jellytot

Thursday July 30th and Friday July 31st 2020, our friend Elliot will be on trial. He is being charged allegedly with 17 counts of breaking a high court injunction. He is facing a potential prison sentence for resisting against the HS2 land grabbing machine.

The use of injunctions by big business and corporations is a concrete example of how our criminal “justice” system is used abused and manipulated by corporations to stamp even harder over any community resistance to their actions.

An injunction, much like any other other part of a justice system is supposed to protect people. An injunction is similar to a restraining order, it is supposed to give legal protection to an individual who feels threatened by another. This is understandable someone on their own may be weak but with support can be strong and feel safe. At least in theory.

However when used by corporations and business this is reversed. No one can possibly doubt the strength and endless reach of our government, big business and corporations. Their wealth, gained through our poverty, through the theft of our land and exploitation of our labour mixed with endless corruption, created through a governmental system that gives all the power to a few to do with as they please and forces us to obey whether we like it or not. Our voice is never counted.

The brutality of our government and of corporations is shown clear and plain within HS2; compulsory purchase orders forcing people out of homes they have lived in their entire lives, out of their homes and livelihoods without even seeing a penny; refusing to allow farmers to harvest a crop before HS2 takes possession; people strong armed with threat of even less money if owners don’t comply with further orders. All of this we have heard first hand from the people who live on the proposed path of HS2.

Considering all of this in the context of an injunction, all HS2 and other corporations are doing is demanding that the court extend their already brutally strong grip over communities. By criminalizing to the extent of locking someone in a cage, for demanding that their voice, and the voices of others which have been silenced, be heard.

These injunctions are not only a violation of a lawful right to protest. They are another example of how our supposed criminal justice system and government over and over again bow to the will of corporations and business and sell out the people they are supposed to protect.

We demand a society that has the needs of all it’s people at its heart. Only the people themselves know these needs and only the people can fulfill them.

We demand an end to Hs2, a project alien and unendingly destructive to those needs.

We demand justice for Elliot and an end to a criminal justice system that puts the desire of business over the dignity of the people.

“The law prosecutes the man who steal the goose from the land, but protects the man who steals the land from the goose.”

Fight corporate control over our land and our lives.

We Are Jellytot

Community autonomy for all.

Author: TINAAR

7 thoughts on “We Are Jellytot

  1. Jellytot is one of the dearest souls I ever met, absolutely committed to truth, honesty, and love. For that, the most corrupt, criminal, murderous corporation wants him sent to prison.
    If such evil be done, we will wrest our dear friend from incarceration. We will all stand together. HS2 will fail. Fascism will fall.

  2. Good luck jellytot and all the other tree protectors I just wish I could do more to help but I’m not working still on furlough yet hs2 we’re allowed to work right through it gutted and not good on my feet as have bad knees but I’m always around Kenilworth crackley lane showing my support hope the correct justice is done love you all xxx

  3. I agree with above entirely and wonder how long it will be before the majority of people see what is happening in this supposidly democratic Country and rise up and come together to fight it .Lets hope that real justice is done tomorrow .good luck.

  4. Please can you change the typeface this one is impossible to read on smaller screens… but thanks for all you are doing!!

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